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Cockroaches and bedbugs are not. sympathetic creatures. On the contrary. The vast majority of people are disgusted when they see them. Unfortunately, sometimes these insects appear in our homes and apartments. This is also the case in the Saska Kępa district of Warsaw. Is there anything positive to say about these insects? Scientists claim that they are able to survive even in conditions of strong nuclear radiation. It is possible that they will survive on this planet longer than the human species. Cockroach control in Warsaw, including in the Saska Kępa district, is handled by professionals from Pogotowie Insektowe. It enjoys great popularity among customers coming from different parts of the masovian voivodeship.

Thanks to the use of proven and safe for humans chemicals, our employees effectively and permanently eliminate the problem of bedbugs in treated areas.

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You probably won’t find better professionals in this area. You can see the opinion about the company for yourself by browsing the comments of people who have already used its services on the internet. It is difficult to find anyone who would be dissatisfied with services offered by the specialists from Pogotowie Insektowe either in Saska Kępa, Warsaw or anywhere else. Among the clients of this enterprise are private individuals, as well as offices, schools, universities, clinics. Unfortunately, the problem with cockroaches can appear everywhere. In our country there are as many as 16 species of these insects. Two of them are particularly burdensome for the people of Poland. Their body length can reach 3 cm. They don’t live alone, they move in groups. They’re not picky. They will be satisfied with virtually any type of food. For this reason, care should be taken not to leave leftovers in the kitchen. Insects treat it as an invitation to a feast. They are very mobile and agile. This makes it easier for them to move around the interior of the apartment. They are able to live without water and food for more than a month and without air for an hour. As you can see, this creature is perfectly adapted to life on our planet. Looking for professionals in eliminating cockroaches in Warsaw, in the district of Saska Kępa? Visit our website, and get to know our offer.

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