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Rodents are annoying pests that often find shelter near our homes and apartments due to easy access to food. The presence of mice and rats is very troublesome, because they can transmit diseases that threaten human health and life, as well as cause material losses by damaging equipment, biting through cables, or threatening the integrity of buildings. They can also reproduce very quickly, so do not hesitate to take appropriate steps related to the fight against rats and mice.

The extermination service we offer in Warsaw and the masovian voivodeship will help to effectively get rid of rodents from your neighborhood, preventing them from returning to the same place in the future.

Effective elimination of rodents
Our employees performing the extermination service are able to accurately determine the location of pests and choose the right tools to eliminate rodents. We use modern and effective methods, safe for humans
and pets.

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Rat extermination Warsaw

Why is the rat control we offer so effective? We have been providing extermination services for many years, and we have gained experience working both in Poland and abroad, which allows us to select the most effective methods and chemicals for the situation. This is one of the reasons for the high efficiency of our services, and its best confirmation are the numerous reviews of our customers. Rodents are a threat not only because of painful bites, but also transmitted diseases and viruses that can carry with them serious health consequences.
These very often also cause material losses, biting through equipment and structural elements. Therefore, if they do occur, appropriate steps should be taken as soon as possible to minimise losses and risks. In this case, it is best to use
the rat control service we offer, which we carry out in Warsaw and throughout the masovian voivodeship. The company Pogotowie Insektowe stands out from the competition for its work safety, individual approach to the customer and the highest efficiency, so choosing us you are sure to perform the service at the highest possible level.

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