Ozonation Warsaw

What is ozonation?

This is one of the most popular methods of disinfection, consisting of the use of ozone as a means of eliminating microbes and unpleasant odors. Ozone itself allows you to effectively get rid of mites, bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odors from the environment, and in addition, it effectively refreshes the air in the selected location. Moreover, this is a completely safe method of disinfection, during which no chemicals are used. Our employees performing the ozonation service have modern equipment and proven preparations, thanks to which our work is effective and safe for the environment.

Effective ozone service
Preparing to perform ozonation services in Warsaw
and mazovian voivodeship, first we conduct a consultation
with the Customer to choose the best disinfection method. Thanks to this, the area covered by the treatment will be effectively disinfected and safe for humans.

Ozonowanie Warszawa
Ozonowanie pomieszczeń na terenie Warszawy

Ozonation of interiors in Warsaw

Why is interior ozonation so effective? It is one
of the most effective methods of disinfection, since gas is used as the disinfectant, which completely destroys microbes and their survivable forms in all kinds of rooms. Moreover, it is one of the few methods that makes it possible to reach even the most inaccessible places (gas penetrates even into the most hidden corners), and it does not adversely affect any equipment. That’s not all! Ozonation not only effectively eliminates all microbes and bacteria, but also refreshes the air, and thus eliminates unpleasant odors! So why is it worth to use the ozonation service in Warsaw and the masovian voivodeship? Because:

  • ozone eliminates all microbes and their survivable forms,
  • ozone effectively removes unpleasant odors,
  • ozone reaches the least accessible corners of the room,
  • ozone refreshes the air,
  • ozone does not adversely affect equipment.

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