Mosquito extermination Warsaw

The changing climate around us makes the mosquito population grow from year to year. The absence of severe winters, hot summers and relatively warm other seasons make these insects have optimal conditions for development. The presence of mosquitoes can effectively hinder spending time outdoors in the garden, or a quiet sleep at home.

Mosquito eradication is a procedure aimed at the complete elimination of insects in a given location. We provide mosquito eradication services in Warsaw and the masovian voivodeship, using professional chemical preparations that are safe for humans and non-resistant species.

Ozonowanie Warszawa

Effective mosquito control in Warsaw

To combat mosquitoes, we use the method of fogging or spraying. Selected preparations are sprayed in all places where mosquitoes breed and exist, i.e. thickets, shaded areas, near water reservoirs and places with high humidity. Our mosquito eradication service’s effects last up to several weeks, although it is worth noting that both weather and possible precipitation affect its effectiveness. So why is it worth using the service of mosquito eradication in Warsaw and the masovian voivodeship? Because:

  • fogging and spraying effectively eliminate mosquitoes,
  • the products we use work for up to several weeks
  • the methods we offer are safe for the environment and non-resistant species

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