Do you struggle with different types of pests in your home or business? Have you tried almost everything to no avail? Trust the professionals and take advantage of disinfection servies Marki provided by Pogotowie Insektowe specialists! In a quick and effective way, we will get rid of the problem of uninvited guests in your environment!

How does disinsection work?

It is the process of killing or removing insects (flies, food moths, ants, fruit flies, cockroaches and other such pests) from a given area using various kinds of proven methods. Chemical agents, heat, cold or other specialized methods can be used for this. Disinsection is often used to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases, such as influenza, rotavirus, tuberculosis and even cholera.

We carry out disinfection in many different places, e.g. houses, apartments, offices and public places where the aforementioned insects may appear. In addition to the risk of disease transmission, these insects can contaminate food which makes it unfit for consumption. We use various methods to control pests, such as chemical fumigation (it is often used to clean larger areas). Smaller rooms are usually treated with insecticides. In Pogotowie Insektowe we effectively get rid of unwanted insects in apartments, houses, offices and all kinds of companies. We handle wasps, hornets, flies, food moths, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, mealworms and much more. Do you want to know more about our offer for disinfection in Marki? Contact us!


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