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The subject of bedbugs and cockroaches is not pleasant. However, this is a problem faced by many residents of Poland, including Warsaw. So it is worth devoting a moment of attention to the issue of debugging. Bugs feed on blood. This means that the source of their food are household members. If several of these creatures get into an apartment, they will quickly multiply, which becomes a serious problem. What exactly are we dealing with? The house bug reaches up to 7 mm in length. Its size, therefore, isn’t very impressive. Because it lives in the company of people, often appearing in our homes and apartments, as well as in hotel rooms. Debugging is the elimination of these insects. Due to the fact that these creatures breed rapidly, there is no room for deterrent actions that will simply prove ineffective. How long it will take to perform a successful debugging depends on how large the room in which it is to be carried out is. It is also important how many beds are in the room. This is where these insects are most often found. They choose this place because of the proximity of humans. Their instincts tell them that this is where they can feed. As the population grows, they also occupy other places, such as floor moldings, clocks, paintings hanging on the walls. It also happens that these creatures choose an electrical outlet as their place of being. How do they get into our homes? They can be brought by accident from a hotel or hospital. Sometimes their presence is an unexpected result of our tram ride or other means of public transport.

Thanks to the use of proven and safe for humans chemicals, our employees effectively and permanently eliminate the problem of bedbugs in treated areas.

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Debugging in Warsaw or any other city should be commissioned to specialists who have the appropriate experience in carrying out such tasks. These include people employed in the company Pogotowie Insektowe. Among the services offered is also cockroach control.

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